Saturday, March 1, 2008

Outlaw Legendz ::Joey Alizio Jr::..::Catch me on Stylehive::..

Stylehive is a new online community where contributors can bookmark stores, designers, trends, and must-have products and share them with other community members. Stylehive is the vision of Internet entrepreneur Michael Carrier,

Stylehive CEO to:

"...create a place where people that are into products and shopping could discover and connect with each other, to literally capture the excitement and energy in finding new things."

Stylehive allows you to join the community and offer up content by bookmarking it with a bookmarklet via your web browser.

..::==::Catch me on Stylehive..::==::..

::joey alizio jr ::hitman 1972 :: outlaw legendz(1991) :: Creative Arts by Joey Alizio Jr. :: ::Famous Quote: ::Smilez!::
::Listening to : Snow. Red Hot Chili Peppers.
::Hottest new Hip-Hop: Mafia Music. Hustlin'. The Boss. I'm on My Grind. Rick Ross.
::Now Cranking: See You In Hell. Grim Reaper.
::Last Cranked: Hells Bells. Highway to Hell. TNT. Jailbreak 1974. Ride On. AC/DC.
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